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The SongDogs, founded in 1996 and based in Berlin, take their name from the Irish novel by Colum McCann.  Their original style is a fusion of folk, rock, blues, and alternative country, influenced by the eclectic musical backgrounds of the band members.

  • Florian “the” Fritsch - vocals, guitars, harp, mandolin
  • Sandra Grosser - guitars, banjo, accordion, ukulele, perc., vocals
  • Marc Beyer - bass, upright bass, perc., backing vocals
  • Jens Hetze - drums, perc., backing vocals

Guest musicians:

  • Claus Held - keys

All time hall of fame members:

  • “Dr.” Dirk Ronneburg - fiddle, backing vocals
  • Till Mey - soul brother

The SongDogs’ self-produced CD, “Hometown Queens and Bus Stops” (2006) was well received throughout Germany, especially in the country music scene.  In addition to favorable reviews, they were one of four bands nominated for the ‘German Country Music Promotion Award’ in 2007.  At the final stage of the awards competition the judges concluded: “Excellent Americana, but not ‘country’ enough for this country music award.”  The SongDogs agree.  The band’s style extends far beyond ‘country’.  Expanding their sound even more, the SongDogs were joined by American fiddler Dirk Ronneburg towards the end of 2007.  The evolution of the band’s sound since this new addition can be heard on their latest album “Restless No More.”

The Music

Central to the SongDogs sound is the interplay of the guitars, lead and rhythm playing that incorporates chords and slidework as well as blues finger picking.  The guitars lay the foundation for songwriter Florian Fritsch’s powerful lead vocals and poetic vision, backed by the band’s harmony vocals.  Rounding out the sound is a solid bass and inventive percussion.  The songs are written in English, and additional instruments such as fiddle, mandolin, blues harp, banjo, accordion, and ukulele give the music a distinct North American-folk feeling.  Although the band members draw from many different musical backgrounds and use instruments from different traditions, the SongDogs tie it all together into a beautifully diverse whole.